Your Hosts

Marcella Costin

Owner and creator of Simply Marcella, Michigan’s most chic custom pearl jewelry boutique, Marcella Costin is an expert at bringing dreams to life ,and with her gregarious nature and ready laugh, she welcomes you into one of her finest, The Queens Head Wine Pub.

In addition to her stint as acting Tap Master, Marcella is the official Queens Head Wine Taster.

John Costin

International business man, entrepreneur, Marcella’s husband and newly anointed Adjunct Tap Mater, John Costin is always ready with an authentic English accent, an entertaining anecdote and a welcoming smile.

In addition to his duties as Adjunct Tap Mater, John is also the official Beer Taster to The Queen.

The Royal Court

Hi! I’m Samatha Darga, but you can just call me Sam.

I am 23 years old and I am the Head Bar tender at the Queens Head. I was born and raised here in Cheboygan and I am excited to see Cheboygan “up and coming” with new businesses like Simply Marcella, Stormy Kromer Cap & Ale House, and, of course the Pub. As the Head Bartender at the Queens Head Wine Pub, it’s my job to make sure all day-to-day activities run smoothly and customers have a great experience.

If I am not at work, you can find me around town with friends or relaxing at home with a good movie, or crafting at home. I knew, as soon as I got hired, I was going to love this job. Not only the job, but the fun people that stop by to share the Queens Head experience. I work hard to have good relationships with all our staff, keep our customers happy and maintain a clean, happy establishment.

We have a lot of regular customers as well as out of town visitors in the tourist season. In the winter our regulars make up a substantial percentage of our overall sales and to keep them coming back, it’s important I make them feel appreciated. I try to learn their names and what they usually like to drink, to show we appreciate their business. Being personable with the customers is important to me and I value the relationships I’ve created while working here.

I graduated from North Central Michigan college in 2018 with my associate degree. I then wanted to find a great job to work while I save more money to continue to further my education in pursuing a career in the medical field. With that being my career choice, it already seems to be in my nature to want to help and please everyone in anyway I can, which I think I also bring to the Queens Head while I’m working.

We love our customers. On busy days it’s very easy to get caught up in managing our routine tasks. So, I always try to take time to interact with our customers and ask how they’re doing and what they think of our Queens Head Wine Pub. I try to greet regulars when they walk through the door, be available to smooth out details, explain drink ingredients, and answer any of our customers’ questions and even give some special tours of our exciting new things to come!

I love my job and I hope you stop in to see me soon!

Wade Canell, a native of Cheboygan Michigan, is a professional chef with extensive management and leadership background. He brings to The Queens Head a relentless devotion to excellence, with particular focus on the farm-to-table fine dining experience, that is sure to enhance the Queens Head culinary experience.

Before embarking on his path to culinary excellence, Wade proudly served in the United States Navy and conducted three deployments to Iraq. In 2013, following his service in the military, he attended Culinary School at Northern Michigan University, taking courses in baking, cookery, restaurant management, sanitation, menu writing, food costing and purchasing. He received his Culinary arts degree and went on to earn Bachelor of Science degrees in Hospitality Management and Business Management, also at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

While in school, Wade worked as line and prep cook at The Historical Landmark Inn, Upfront and Company, and the Vierling. After graduating, he became a Chef Instructor at the Les Cheneaux Culinary School in Hessel Michigan. Now, Wade is back in the kitchen to bring you culinary delights at The Queens Head.

Wade comes to us highly recommended, not only for his multiple skills and talents, but for his abilities to source, improvise, and to be creative. These are all skills he’ll need in the Queens Head’s small space, high capacity kitchen. A strong asset to any team, Wade also brings the same welcome cheer and easy nature you’ve come to associate with The Queens Head. Wade’s military background, attention to detail, and devotion to guests, are indicative of the highest standards, to which he holds himself, and which the Queens Head continues to strive for.

The Queen's 'Hounds'

Minnie Pearl

Meet our Miss Minnie Pearl!  This 9 year-old Westie has been with us her entire life and has spent many (or should we say “Minnie”) hours in the Simply Marcella boutiques.  Not only is Minnie Pearl a boutique dog, but she is a world traveler!  She grew up in St. Clair, Michigan, but spent two and a half years of her life in Helsinki, Finland, where she learned to LOVE the snow. Winter is Minnie’s favorite season! In addition to living in Helsinki, Minnie has traveled to other countries including Holland, Canada and France where she has been seen at a wine café or two.  Minnie Pearl’s favorite hobbies include boating, swimming, belly rubs and most of all, she enjoys her 8:00 pm Kong Time!

Marla May

Hello Miss Marla May!  This darling little Westie was adopted by the Costin family (Marcella, John and Minnie) in December of 2017.  She quickly found her way to the center of their hearts.  (Well, maybe not Minnie Pearl’s quite yet, but she is getting there.)  Marla May was a breeder dog and had several puppies in her seven years of life. Every day is a joy for Marla!  She wakes up with her tail wagging and bounces her way through the day.  Marla May is beginning to enjoy traveling and a little bit of boating, but she prefers most of all to be curled up next to Marcella or John (and even Minnie)!  Ask Minnie Pearl about Marla May’s morning kisses!